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What it is

La Comune is a presentation-independent multimedia content management system.

It can be used as a foundation for applications and web applications that need to access a collection of multimedia objects.

Included in the project is a Acab::Web, a mod_perl foundation library to build web applications with La Comune, and a acab-admin, a suite of tools to administer a server in which many different web applications share the same La Comune archive.

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Download and install

All La Comune and Acab::Web components are available from SourceForge CVS.

Releases are made from time to time, and source tarballs can be downloaded from the SourceForge project files section.

Debian users can install all components using the following APT repository:
deb unstable/$(ARCH)/
deb unstable/all/
deb-src unstable/source/
Note for Debian Woody users: there is a convert_to_woody a script in the debian/directory that converts the debian packaging to build packages on a woody distribution: just unpack the sources, run the script and run dpkg-buildpackage.

Sites using La Comune

(Please leave a note to one of the project developers if you build a website with La Comune)

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